Aug. 3, 2021

Biggest Nutrition Mistakes: What I Learned the Really Hard Way (so you don't have to) | Dieting Mistakes & How to Fix Them

Biggest Nutrition Mistakes: What I Learned the Really Hard Way (so you don't have to) | Dieting Mistakes & How to Fix Them

I am not sure that there are many people that have fucked up in their quest for fitness quite as many times as I have. And the people that have, I'm sure they're out there wandering through the fitness industry as well. I have a theory that the majority of people in the fitness industry are the people that made so many mistakes and got so angry about it they insisted on making an income about it. Like you know how you can take somebody who has emotionally scarred you to court and get a payout? Yeah, same thing here. 

The first time I dieted I was 11. I am an elderly 25 years old at this point. For most of that time I was continuing to try different things and learn as much as I possibly could. Now, my goal is to help people avoid the decade or more that I spent pissed off at physiology. I want to go through the lessons I learned that sucked the most. I don't know everything and I can't help you avoid every hard lesson, but these lessons really fucked with me so at the very least you can avoid these ones. 

So I have a countdown list of 8 things I really took forever to learn. I have spent some serious time thinking about this and I want you to leave this podcast with at least one or two things you can action or even better let go of and get out of your own way. 

So let's start with number 8 and countdown. 

8. You can't spot reduce fat. You can spot gain muscle. Aside from your abs, this can create a very similar result.

7. Not all calories are created equal but thermodynamics are. 

6. Trends are fun, what works is not. One short term solution after another is not a sustinable long term plan. 

5. Any athlete I have worked with that has been at an extremely low body fat year round with no other bounce back has been on drugs. I've met very few genetic freaks, but they exist as well. Accepting you may not fall into either category is extremely freeing. 

4. Every time you fuck up and continue to fuck up only because you fucked up, you are fucking up. Stop spiraling over small mistakes. The spiral is where people lose their progress, not the initial mistake.

3. Your friend's holy grail diet is probably not your holy grail diet. With that, do not listen to somebody who works in the cubicle next to you about fitness even if they look like a greek god. Maybe they're super knowledgable, but more than likely they're a jackass and you need somebody who can take your life into account when helping you find a plan. 

2. You cannot hate yourself into the body you want and enjoy it nor make it last. Realizing I was getting stronger than a lot of the guys at the gym was my reason that gave me direction in a good way, you have to find that for yourself.  

1. You can stop obsessing over food, the scale, and dieting. The more relaxed you can become about it, the less fear can grow. The more you think about food, the more you think about food.