Aug. 9, 2021

How To Get Abs, Quad Separation, And Serious Muscle Showing Through: The Complete Guide to Extreme Results

How To Get Abs, Quad Separation, And Serious Muscle Showing Through: The Complete Guide to Extreme Results

Here is a list of the shit you have to do before you can expect abs. Let's start by recognizing that fat storage patterns are a huge part of this and some people will need lower body fat percentages than are really maintainable to see a true six-pack. So, let's use this list as a guide to see real definitions within your body. Not a little here and there. Real, lean, muscle showing through on a daily basis. 

Not everybody is going to give enough of a fuck to hit everything on this list. Please don't think you need to. This list is to show you what it takes. The decision of how far you want to go with it is up to you. You don't need abs to be happy. I had abs at the least happy time of my whole life and guess what? They didn't fix the very real shit I was going through. Having abs isn't going to fix your marriage or create this amazing life for you. Attaining a super low body composition can actually have quite the opposite effect. It's a pain in the ass to maintain. If you have other shit to fix, you're still going to need to fix it. 

So, now that we've gone through a proper caveat section, let's get into it. What do you need to do? Here are the ten things you need in place to expect genuine ab definition. And I should say, most of us will need to hit nearly every single one to get the results you're looking for. 

1 - Eat quality food that agrees with you. If you know cheese marries you to the toilet for 3 days, it clearly doesn't fucking agree with you. You are not going to see a bunch of muscle definition if you are constantly inflamed, bloated, and puffy. You have to take the time to eat high-quality and whole foods as well as figure out what agrees with you. If you don't know what agrees with you, aim to eat 95% whole, unprocessed foods. This mileage may vary, some people can eat a bunch of bullshit in the right quantities and be fine. For me, it's not that way at all. This brings us to our next point. 
2 - You need to take that high-quality food and eat it in quantities that are appropriate for you. Not sometimes, not a lot of the time, like 95% of the time. This may mean tracking your food, this may mean eating the same things every day. Your quantities have to be on point. You can get just as fat eating paleo cookies as you can chips ahoy. If you're going to eat bullshit, eating the whole food version of bullshit is better for sure, but you still need to keep your portions under control. 
3 - Training consistently and appropriately for your specific lifestyle and the goals you have with that style of training. This is probably the biggest disconnect I see. I primarily work with performance-based athletes or people that want to be generally healthier and work on their relationship with food. The in-between is where you get into trouble. If you are training a ton of volume, trying to build significant strength, or whatever. You are going to have to eat enough to support that. That usually means you won't have dick skin veins on your abs. If you are training way too much, you'll be too inflamed to see definition all the time. Let's also clarify, when I say real strength or real volume - this is not a problem most people have. Real strength is not squatting 400 or even 500 lbs in strength sports. There are dudes out here, a lot of them, squatting 1000 lbs raw. This is the harsh reality, but most people are not as serious of an athlete as they think they are. If you are not trying to win national events, you need to give way more of a fuck about your health. Extreme success in fitness is not conducive to health most of the time. Keep this in mind when you're complaining about training 10ish hours a week, you're fine. 
4 - Recovering like you mean it. This is on the same boat. Do not think you're going to train 20 hours a week and drink every night. Your body is going to get pissed and rightfully so you asshole. If you're not recovering, you're not improving. The recovery process is where you actually adapt to become stronger and build muscle tissue. Doing a world-class training program won't do shit if you don't manage the other 20 hours in your day. 
5 - Drink enough water. If you don't, you'll retain more water. You'll also feel like hot garbage. 
6 - Sleep 8+ hours per night and put some effort into the quality of your sleep. Do not shut this podcast off right now. Mat Fraser is super well known for being the GOAT of fitness. He has been the fittest on earth for years and only recently retired. His wife, Sammy, is also very well known. They are madly in love and seem like they're perfect. However, they have separate bedrooms for when Mat is in season. Does that tell you anything about how important sleep is? There are Olympians right now getting shipped mattresses that they normally sleep on to Tokyo so they don't have to lose the quality of sleep. 
7 - Work on your mindset surrounding everything on this list and assess what needs to improve. I'll say it once and I'll say it again. You can not hate yourself into the body you want and keep the results. It won't happen. If every single day it is a battle against yourself, you're going to lose. I'm not diving any deeper into this because I'll rant. 
8 - Creating consistency that is absolutely ruthless in any and every situation you could come across. It's your best friend's birthday party and you have a competition the next day? Whoops, you'll be headed home at 8:30pm. No drinks. Maybe you have to bring your own food. Prepare to be annoying as fuck. 
9 - Addressing every hole in your game that you have. Coaches have coaches so they can have somebody yell at them to do the shit they're bad at. Do you think I liked being one of the weakest ones at the big meet I did? No, I fucking didn't. But the only reason I even made it that far was because I was forced to work on every single thing that sucked within my training and lifestyle. Doing shit you're bad at is not fun, at all. You need to get accountable to it and understand what your weaknesses are. If I want to show back up at a national level and be one of the best there, that means even more working on shit I'm bad at. Suck it up buttercup. 
10 - You are going to do this shit, over and over, again and again, for as long as you want to keep your results. No end date. No opt-out period. What gets you the first 10 lbs of weight loss will not get you freak lean. What gets you from A to B won't get you from B to C. As you want more intense results, the intensity of your efforts rises exponentially. Maintaining this means setbacks are something you immediately correct and move on from. It means adjusting to your circumstances. It means a metric fuck ton of effort. There are genetic lottery winners that will have abs and eat cake all day long. If you are listening to this podcast, I'm going to assume that's not you. It's going to take a ton of work, forever. No end date. However, you can go balls to the wall, reflect, and figure out what is actually realistic for you. 

The spoiler here is that it's not really worth it to a lot of people. It wasn't to me for a long time. You don't have to have a rippling six-pack to be happy. You don't have to give up the things that do make you happy for a six-pack. It goes both ways. Figure out what level of effort is worth it to you for what it will produce. Abs are great to sell shit on Instagram. Otherwise, you're going to go to your job, which usually requires wearing a shirt, 5+ days per week. Assess what you're even trying to do, figure out what it takes to get there, and execute. It's not impossible for you to get lean. It's just a fuck ton of work.