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If you are new to health and fitness, start here for everything you need to get started!
Basics Guest Interviews

Kate Gordon: CF Games Athlete, Expert Coach, and CrossFitter With A Sign

Aug. 23, 2021

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Beginner to Elite: What Level of Coaching Do You Need? + Q and A

Aug. 16, 2021

"If I want to _______ what kind of coaching do I need?" Find out here! Join the email list: No spam, just nutrition advice, for free. Follow me on Instagram: @hm…


How To Get Abs: The Complete Guide to Extreme Results

Aug. 9, 2021

This is for those asking "what if I DON'T want to do things in moderation?" or who have extreme goals. Please note the multiple times that I highlight that near-perfection in your process for extremes will not work for most …


Biggest Nutrition Mistakes: What I Learned the Really Hard Way (so you don't have to) | Dieting Mistakes & How to Fix Them

July 21, 2021

This episode we dive a little deeper than normal, you could say it's even somewhat...serious. There's been a lot that has gone into the past decade to get me to where I am today. Going through the biggest lessons I've learne…

Basics Guest Interviews

Staying Consistent, Making a Plan, and Actually Reaching Your Goals | Robert Migliaccio, Head Coach of Norwottuck Crossfit

July 12, 2021

In this episode, Heather and Rob tackle the things that most often derail people from reaching their goals. Starting off with more formal questions and leading into a more conversational style interview, this first guest is …


How To: Find Your Calorie Needs, Your Macro Breakdown, and Tips to Get It Done Without Losing Your Sh*t

June 28, 2021

How many calories should you eat in a day? What is a macro? How do you count them? How do I stick to this shit? Fear not, grab a pen and paper and get ready for the answers. Don't forget to leave a review or share this episo…


Where to Start: Your Basics Guide to Starting Out in Health and Fitness

June 19, 2021

You are not too good for the basics, I promise you that. Here, we go over the foundation on which you can build your fitness empire. But first, let's talk about just adding some exercise into your life that doesn't make you …


Self Sabotage: How to Stop F*cking Yourself Over

June 17, 2021

Do you look for the first possible reason to abort mission the second that you see a glimmer of progress? Buckle up, we're talking about how to undo all the BS narratives you've internalized and giving you some immediate tip…